Super-sets- Tri-sets !!!!!!

78a03d43ccc508360643c3de53544fe6Week 5- Tri-sets

We are introducing TRI-SETS. Perform each tri-set (all three exercises) back to back with no rest between exercises. Take a 1min to 1min 30sec rest between each tri-set for recovery. Continue to lift the highest weight achieved during the previous weeks for each exercise.

This week, things are getting a little more challenging,  you WILL be working hard. But that’s what it takes! Good luck and as always never hesitate to ask us and report any concerns.

Here’s Monday for ya:


My Wife is Fat…that’s right I said it!

We all want a hot husband or wife with rock hard abs and a perky butt.  But this is not about aesthetics, I am genuinely concerned for my loved ones health. What do I do? How can I help?

In the title “My wife is fat”, the word “wife” can be changed to: Husband, best friend, brother, or sister. How do I motivate my loved one to lead a healthier lifestyle?  What has to happen in their lives for that light bulb to come on?

I’ve been on a workout/clean eating schedule for a while now. (I wasn’t always this way… more on that later). So, I give them a few workouts and  nutrition tips. They do it for a week or so, they lose 5lbs and then lose motivation again. It’s so frustrating to hear them complain about they’re weight or how they look.  All I want to 88d412a23b23ae99977267749bd11f88say is, “DON’T YOU DARE COMPLAIN, BECAUSE YOURE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT” Nobody needs a special pancakes and bacon breakfast every weekend. (Try a special fruit salad and egg white omelet breakfast)  … and on a selfish note it’s really frustrating that I can’t go kayaking with my husband because he can’t get in the kayak and I can’t do a local 5K with my best friend because she won’t even try, and has every excuse on the planet for not trying. “I mean they give you beer at the end of the race, how much motivation do you need!!!!!”, all I want is a mud-all-over-our-faces picture with my BFF… is that too much to ask?!?!?  I want to share these beautiful moments with my loved ones.

It was a knee injury which was the light bulb moment for my hubby. An injury b1ca34c60a259bff88ad9c702e6c5492t happened; the light bulb moment could have been: heart disease, a stroke, infertility, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, just to name a few.

Less than a year later, he’s 60 lbs. lighter, shoulders like a football player, he’s able to go up and down the stairs with out any problems and is healthier, in every scene of the word.… he still hasn’t joined me in the kayak, but he will very soon, at the rate he’s going.

We don’t want to hurt our loved ones’ feelings, but by not telling them the truth, I think we’re hurting them more. Xoxo- The Home Fry

You’re not a dog!

It’s Friday!!!!! I’ve been so good all week, with my eating, my workouts, at work, at home etc. Let’s go out for dinner and drinks. STOP STOP STOP!!! You’re not a dog, stop rewarding puppyyourself with food.

Why do we feel the need to rewards ourselves at every turn? Maybe it goes back to “Yay! You survived the dentist… here have a lollypop”

Let’s be honest, unless your progress is notable (more than a 5 pound weight loss) there’s no need for a reward. Especially, if the reward will cancel out all the hard work. A mirror selfie is sufficient until then.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, what kind of life is that? If I can’t enjoy the foods I like? Or my favorite restaurant?”.  My Answer to that is:

“What kind of life, is one spent, out of breath, self-conscious, with a body which doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to?!?!?”

It won’t be a sacrifice for too long. You’ll quickly find out that when you start seeing results…and you will, if you follow Peter’s advice…, rewarding yourself with a new pair of workout pants (you know, the ones with the crazy prints) or a new set of dumbbells to keep next to the couch to use on those TV show marathons, is waaaaaaay more rewarding than a cheeseburger and onions rings.

Ooooohhh! One more thing don’t forget to workout your legs today. Donkey Kicks- It does a booty good! Here’s today’s workout :