Week 12 – Circuts – Friday

Friday- Lower Body

Warm up

Cardio 5 min.

3 x 12 (side leg swings, front leg swings, walking lunge)


Zombie Apocalypse!!!! 1.5miles to safety! Zombies get the slow one’s. Time yourself and let us know if you survived in our comments section at the bottom of the page!

Cool Down

5min walk

3 x (30 Boot taps/45 second Plank)



CONGRATULATIONS! You have made it through our 12 week cycle. Next week starts back up with week one. I hope you wrote down your weights or at least remember them. Continue to challenge yourself, and feel free to let us know about your progress. If you are completing any challenges or races, post it to our events page. Meet and motivate other Coach Potatoes to join or even challenge you!  




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