Week 12 – Circuts – Monday

Monday- Upper Body

Warm up:

Cardio 5 min.

3 x 12 (External Shoulder Rotations/Lateral Raises)

3 x 8 (Push ups, light weight pull downs *pull ups for experienced)

Circuit 3 Rounds

12 each arm- One arm dumbbell/kettle bell clean and press

20 Push ups *knee’s for beginners

20 Arm Haulers *weighted for experienced

1 Minute plank


25 min. – Low intensity *Walk or Jog

Cool Down

5 min walk

2 x (20 Mad Russians/12 Back Extensions)


3 thoughts on “Week 12 – Circuts – Monday

    1. Keep it up Tim! I’m glad your sticking with it and kicking butt! I’ll be up north in about a month, we should get a workout in together if time permits!

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