Week 11 – Circuts – Friday

Friday- Lower Body

Warm up

Cardio 5 mins

3×12 (side leg swings, front leg swings, deep body weight squat *super low)


3×12-15 (Barbell Squat/Side Lunges)

3×12-15 (Hamstring Curls/Leg Extensions)


Its Friday, the end of the week so why not own it!!!! Complete each exercise as fast as possible while executing each repetition with proper form and technique. Time yourselves and share in our comments box, show everyone what you are made of!!!!! Don’t be shy if you don’t consider yourself a stud…..yet. Your improvements earn greater bragging rights!

50 Squats *hands touch the floor then stand totally upright, if you can’t touch the floor just yet then do your best and we’ll get it next time!

50 Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings- Don’t forget to post your weight

50 Walking Lunges

That’s it! Only three exercises so make them count and post your times!


20 Minute Low intensity

Cool Down

5min walk

3 x (30 Boot taps/45 second Plank)


3 thoughts on “Week 11 – Circuts – Friday

  1. I did the challenge in 13:27 with 20 lb kettle bell 50 on each arm and 50 walking lunges on each leg cause I wasn’t sure lol

    1. Great job Tim! I like how you work, if unsure go through the path of most resistance… and OWN IT!!!!!

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