Week 11 – Circuts – Tuesday

Tuesday- Lower Body

Warm up

5 minute cardio

3 x 12-15 Front leg Swing/Side Leg Swing/Body weight Squats

Weight Training

3 x 20-25 (Walking Lunges *weighted for experienced/ Stiff Leg Deadlift)

Circuit 2 Rounds

1 Minute Plow (*hop on a treadmill, but DON’T START IT. Brace yourself by placing your hands in front of you on the machine and push the treadmill belt. Have fun!)

20 Walking Lunges *Dumbbells for experienced

15 each Single Leg Hip Lifts

00:45 Second Wall sit (*weighted for experienced)


25 Minute Bike *Intensity is optional

Cool Down

5 min walk

3 x 20 (Raised Leg Crunches/Boot Taps)


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