Week 10 – Circuts – Tuesday

Tuesday- Lower Body

Warm up

5 min. cardio

3 x 12-15 Front leg Swing/Side Leg Swing/Body weight Squats

Weight Training

3 x 12-15 (Leg Press/ Hamstring Curl Machine)

collage_20140310104121245_20140310104357310Hamstring Curl Two leg

Circuit 2 Rounds

.25 mile jog

15 Stationary Lunges each leg

15 Jumping Jacks (individual count for beginners, 4 count for experienced)

15 Body weight squats (low, full range of motion)


20 Minute Bike Low intensity

Cool Down

5 min. walk

3 x 15 (Raised Leg Crunches/Reverse Crunches)



One thought on “Week 10 – Circuts – Tuesday

  1. I am nearing the end of the 2nd cycle of tater trainings workout and what a difference :) today’s workout was fantastic. The running portion of the circuit kicked my but. That being said I am world’s ahead of where i was. Still feeling great :)

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