Week 10 – Circuts – Monday

Monday- Upper Body

Warm up:

Cardio 5 min.

3 x 12 (External Shoulder Rotations/Internal Shoulder Rotations)

3 x 8 (Push ups, light weight pull downs *pull ups for experienced)


3 x 12-15 (Bench Press/Bent Over Rows)

3 x 12-15 (Under Hand Grip Pull Down/Lateral Raises)

Circuit 2 Rounds

20 Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings (start light, focus on pushing off with your legs and hips to swing the weight up to eye level)

20 Underhand grip Bent Over Row

20 Bench Press (Go with a light safe weight, use a spotter)

30 Flutterkicks


20 min.- Low intensity *Walk or Jog

Cool Down

5 min. walk

2 x (15 Sit Ups/12 Back Extensions)


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