Week 7 – Tri-Sets- Thursday

Thursday -Upper body

Warm up

5 minutes cardio

3×12-15 (External Shoulder Rotations, Internal Shoulder Rotations)collage_20140302182611461_20140302182701264 (640x640)collage_20140402184420797_20140402184551987


3×20-25 (Seated Row/Stiff Arm Pull Down/Pushups)collage_20140402173213191_20140402173844411Stiff Arm Pull Downs

3×20-25 (Dumbbell Chest Press/Single Arm Dumbbell Row/Upright Row)

collage_20140302172434180_20140302173012488 (640x640)collage_20140302212134512_20140302212354798collage_20140402175335065_20140402175555642


Fartlek Run: Alternate for 26 minutes

3minutes of walking (jogging for experienced)/1 minute of jogging (fast pace for experienced)


Cool Down:

5min walk

3x 20 (1minute Plank, Crunches)



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