Week 5 – Base Building – Friday!!!

Friday- Lower Body

Warm up

Cardio 5 minutes

3 x 12 Reps. (side leg swings, front leg swings, walking lunge)


3 x 12-15 Reps. (Jumping Jacks/Body weight squats (experienced use Barbell)/12-18inch platform step up (Hold Dumbbells for the experienced))

3 x 12-15 Reps. (Stationary Lunge/Hamstring Curl Machine/Glute Kickback Machine)

Extra Credit Challenge

Mountain Climb: Increase the incline of the tread mill to level 7 and walk/run/crawl for 1.5miles. Post your times! I know I will!

Cool Down

5 minute walk

3 x 12-15 Reps. (Straight Leg Sit ups/1 minute nap (make it brief but you deserve it))


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