Week 5 – Base Building – Tuesday

Tuesday- Lower Body

Warm up

5 minutes cardio

3 x 12-15 Reps. Body Weight Squats/Front leg Swing/Side Leg Swing

Weight Training

3 x 12-15 Reps. (Leg Press Machine *position yourself so your knee’s do not pass toes in the start position/Stationary Lunges/Calf Raises)


3 x 12-15 Reps. (Hamstring Curl Machine/Wall Sit/Lying Hip Lift)

Hamstring Curl Two leg


25 minutes low intensity (conversational pace)

Cool Down

5 minute walk

3 x (20 superman’s/1 minute plank)



One thought on “Week 5 – Base Building – Tuesday

  1. Warm up:
    5 min 5° incline treadmill 3.5 mph
    3×15 all excersises
    3×15 leg press (100/110/130) lunges/calf raises (body weight)
    3×15 leg curl (75) wall sits/ lying hip raise (body weight)
    Did 10 min. Of incline treadmill at 8.5° than n.o. expload lived up to its nickname lol

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