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Peter Midura, Tater Trainer

Peter Midura is an NFPT Certified Personal Trainer. He has dedicated the majority of his life to competitive running and helping others, of all ages and fitness levels achieve their goals.

    After graduating high school in his hometown of Agawam, Massachusetts, Peter served 6 years in the US Air Force as a Security Forces Phoenix RAVEN. His passion for helping others, matured during these 6 years. When he was assigned to PT Leader, among his responsibilities was, to conduct Air Force PT tests for squadron members. When standards were not met, he was responsible for designing and conducting customized training programs to enhance performance. He gained experience working with group, and one on one training sessions. In 2006 Peter completed the Air Force Phoenix RAVEN course. Soon after, he was assigned as the RAVEN section PT monitor for his home station. Training RAVEN candidates for the intense 18 day course was his responsibility. His efforts resulted in a 100% pass rate.

   Throughout his military career Peter Midura has completed races ranging from 5k’s to marathons, among his many races are; the Bataan Memorial Death March, which he placed 1st in the heavy division for his age group. He also competed twice with a three and four man teams in the Air Mobility Commands Rodeo earning 1st place finishes for the Combat Endurance Course event, both years. Following his military experience Peter has competed in multiple obstacle course races earning a first place finish in the barefoot division of the Merrell Down and Dirty Miami in 2013.

   Peter continues to train Military Trainees, All American Athletes, College and High School Athletes, General Populations, Geriatric Populations, Medical Professionals and those with special limitations. He selflessly helps people lead healthier more fulfilling lives.  Not only does he help everyday people achieve their goals, but he also helps them self-motivate by giving them the tools to surpass their goals.  No matter what you want to achieve, it can be accomplished with careful planning and consistency.     


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