Week 4 – Base Building – Friday!

Friday-Lower Body

Warm up:

5mins cardio

3×12 (Body Weight Squats/Front Leg Swings/Side Leg Swings)

*Front Leg swing- stand next to a wall and place your hand on the wall for balance. In an exaggerated manner swing the leg closest to the wall forward and backward consecutively. Switch after completing reps.

*Side Leg Swings- stand in front of a wall, place both hands on the wall and lean forward. In an exaggerated manner swing one leg across the front of your body consecutively. After 12 reps, switch legs.


3×12-15 (Weighted Dumbbell Squats/Walking Lunge)collage_20140302193605624_20140302193754428 (640x640)

3×12-15 (Leg Press Machine/Stiff Leg Deadlift)

collage_20140310104121245_20140310104357310Stiff Leg DL

3×15 (Donkey Kicks/Lying Hip Lifts)

*Donkey Kicks- While on your hands and knees lift one leg up so your thigh is horizontal with the ground. Bring that knee to a 90 degree angled bend. Point your toe straight up in the air. By squeezing your rear end lift that leg up as though you are trying to poke a hole through the ceiling. This should be a small movement but you should feel your glute (rear end) contract. After 15 reps switch legs. 

*Hip lift- Lie on your back, place feet flat on the ground roughly 8-10 inches from your rear end. Apply pressure through your heels and lift your hips off the ground so that it feels as though all your weight falls onto your shoulders. Feel that squeeze in the glutes at the top most position. Lower your hips but don’t touch the ground and raise your hips again. Continue.

Cool Down:

5 min walk

3×25 Swimmers


*Swimmers- Lie on the ground face down. Lift your upper and lower body by collage_20140303105517995_20140303105645927squeezing your lower back and applying pressure on your stomach. Now lift your right arm slightly higher than your left, while lifting your left leg slightly higher than your right. Now switch and keep swimming!


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