Week 3 – Base Building – Monday

Monday- Upper Body

Warm up:

Cardio 5 minutes

3 x 12 Reps. (External Shoulder Rotations/Big arm Circles)

External Rotation

Weights Perform each superset with very little rest in between exercises. Take a 3 minute break in between each group of exercises

3 x 12 to 15 Reps. (Dumbbell Overhead Press/Pull Downs)collage_20140302183612409_20140302183726835 (640x640)collage_20140302190645039_20140302190813535 (640x640)

3 x 12 to 15 Reps. (Chest Fly machine/Reverse Fly Machine)

collage_20140302184141138_20140302184448751 (640x640)

3 x 12 to 15 Reps. (Dumbbell Bench Press/Bent over Rows)

Dumbbell Chest PressBent Over Row


20 minutes -Low intensity (conversational pace) Walk or Jog

Cool Down

5 min walk

3x (30 sec to 1 minute plank/12 back extensions)


4 thoughts on “Week 3 – Base Building – Monday

  1. Ooo… Pictures… love it! Especially sense Steph (my workout Buddy) will not be with me to correct me. :)

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