Week 2 – Base Building – Thursday

Thursday- Upper Body

Warm up:

5 mins. cardio

3×12-15 (External Shoulder Rotations/Lateral Raises)

*lateral raises- holding a light weight, keep a somewhat straight but a very slight bend in the elbow, lift the weight out to your side and return to the down position.

*external shoulder rotations- use a cable or band. Position the cable or band to your right side roughly elbow height, grab the grip with your left hand. Hold the cable/band keeping a 90 degree angle in your elbow and elbow touching your side. While keeping your elbow in contact with your side and the elbow at a 90 degree bend, pull the cable/band AWAY from the point of origin. This should be an awkward motion at first due to not performing this exercise regularly.


3×12-15 (Push ups **knee’s for beginners, toes for experienced, medicine ball for studs**/Seated Cable Row)

3×12-15 (Fly Machine/Reverse Fly Machine)

3×12-15 (Chest Press Machine, Upright Rows)

*Upright Row- hold a weighted bar with both hands roughly shoulder length apart. Lift the bar to chest height by squeezing your shoulders and keeping your elbows above the bar at the top position. Keep an upright posture and a tight core throughout the range of motion.


Scenario: You hear the sounds of the ice cream truck… AGAIN. That sorry excuse of a human being just laughs as they watch you run after their truck with your dollar in hand. They gladly turn the corner and disappear leaving you disappointed. NEVER AGAIN, today we train for the ice cream truck. You have to complete a distance of one mile as fast as you can by either running/walking/crawling. Post your times, we’ll compare later on down the road….. GO!


Elliptical/Arc Trainer 15mins Barely Conversational pace.

Cool Down:

5min walk

3×16 (Crunch/Wipers)

*Wipers- Lie on your back and place your hands as far to both sides of your body as possible for support. Bent knee’s for beginners/straight legs for experienced. Lift your legs so you have a 90 degree bend in the knees. Slowly lower your feet to the right and stop about 1 inch from the ground. Not lift them back up and over to the left side and then back to center. Continue. Each side counts as one rep.


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