Week 2 – Base Building – Tuesday

Tuesday- Lower Body

Warm up:

5 min Cardio

3×12-15 (Stationary Lunge/Front Leg Swing/ Side Leg Swing)

*Stationary Lunge- Length your stance so your front foot is flat on the ground, and your back foot is so far back that your heel is in the air. Feet should be shoulder width apart to maintain balance. Lower your body by bending BOTH knee’s to almost 90 degrees. Do not touch the ground with your back knee. Your body should not move forward or backward but it should only move up and down as your knees bend and extend. Keep moving continuously in a controlled manner, after 12 to 15 reps switch legs.

*Front Leg swing- stand next to a wall and place your hand on the wall for balance. In an exaggerated manner swing the leg closest to the wall forward and backward consecutively. Switch after completing reps.

*side leg swings- stand in front of a wall, place both hands on the wall and lean forward. In an exaggerated manner swing one leg across the front of your body consecutively. After 12 reps, switch legs.

Weight Training:

3×12-15 (Leg Press Machine/Pliat)

*Plie- Stand with your feet outside shoulder width. Feet pointed as outward as possible. Squat down and point your knees in the direction of your toes. You should feel a stretch/strain inside of your legs and now extend up. Repeat

3×12-15 (Hamstring Curl Machine/30sec-1min Wall sit *feet together)

3×12-15 (Glute kickback Machine-Alternate Legs)


Elliptical/Arc Trainer

Alternate for a total of 30 mins.

Incline Level at 10. Resistance level 5 for 2 mins. / Incline level 10. Resistance level 25 for 1 min

Cool Down:

5 min walk

3x (15 seconds to 1 minute Plank/25 crunches)


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