Week 2 – Base Building – Monday

Monday- Upper Body

Warm up:

Cardio 5 mins.

3×12 (Weighted Arm Circles/Lateral Shoulder Raises)

*lateral raises- holding a light weight, keep a somewhat straight but a very slight bend in the elbow, lift the weight out to your side and return to the down position.


3×12-15 (Incline Chest Press **Machine for beginner**/Upright Rows)

*Upright Row- hold a weighted bar with both hands roughly shoulder length apart. Lift the bar to chest height by squeezing your shoulders and keeping your elbows above the bar at the top position. Keep an upright posture and a tight core throughout the range of motion.

3×12-15 (Assisted Dip Machine/Assisted Pull up Machine)

3×12-15 (Over Head Press Machine/Dumbbell Front Raises)

*Hold a set of dumbbells at your side while standing upright. Keep your stomach tight while lifting the Dumbbells in front of your body to shoulder height while maintaining a very slight bend in the elbow.


25 mins- Low Intensity (Barely Conversational Pace) Walk or Jog

Cool Down:

5 min Walk

3×16 (Raised Legs Crunch/Russian Twist)

*Raised Legs Crunch- Lie on your back, lift your legs straight up in the air until you reach a 90 degree angle in the hip. Exhale while you reach for your toes in a crunch manner, do not come down until all the air has left your lungs. Slowly come down while inhaling and repeat.

*Russian Twist- Sit on the floor with your feet in front of you. Bend your knees and slightly lean back to lift your feet off the ground 2-4 inches. Touch the ground with both hands on your right side, and now touch the ground with both hands on your left side. Keep your feet on the ground throughout the movement if this is new to you. Keep your feet up for experienced. Each tap equals one rep.

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