I’m a Couch Potato

It’s been a lazy day, or I just got home from work/kids soccer practice/running errands and I just want to plop on the couch to “decompress”, eat all the wrong things and NOT workout.  7f65742d7f8f13cd80409e958fd9e2c7

It happens to everyone, but even a short half hour workout will turn your day around, and help you “decompress” much better than 3 DVR episodes. You’d be surprised, that after 15minutes you may feel motivated to put in a little extra effort  (you may even want to do Peter’s Challenges)…. but sometimes you’re just not feeling it. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, to achive your goals. Lets face it , it’s just 30 minutes you can do anything for 30 minutes!!!!!

However, if you must catch up on your favorite  HBO series. Do our “Spud to Stud” at home work (in front of the TV) workout.


That’s multitasking like a BOSS!


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