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My weekend affair

It’s Friday again, Yay!!! Please DO NOT start your diet or training back again i love my bodyon Monday. If you’re sick of starting over, then STOP QUITTING, and throwing it all away on the weekend!!!

The weekends, or days off are a great opportunity to do things you wouldn’t do in your normal workout and eating routine, for example: Trying a local 5k/ fun run or Race. Please, do not be intimidated by the words “race”, “run”, or “5K”, a lot of people walk them… actually most people walk them. You can jog a little and walk a little. Our “See Spud Run” page has a very good beginner running program. Here’s the link:

I also recommend spending a little time in the kitchen trying a new healthy recipe or just cutting up fruits, veggies and lean proteins, to prepare for the week ahead. You will soon find satisfaction in seeing all those little containers full of “Fuel” food, and baggies with the perfect serving of nuts… like jewels in a mine, every time you open the cupboard. Your very own, fast food, right there, ready to go.

On the other hand if you’re not currently on the “Fit bandwagon”, DO NOT wait until Monday to start. Start now, today, this weekend! You’ll be able to take a little longer at gym checking out the scenery, getting that perfect treadmill or elliptical machine. You know, the one, where you can see the door, the locker room and the windows all at the same time… oh yeah, it’s also the one with sharpest image on the TV. At the weight area, go ahead and read all the descriptions on the machines. Perfect your form and do the exercises on our workout plans, take your time looking at your phone, to read Pete’s workout routines and finding where those machines are at your gym.

Go ahead, tell everyone on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter about your #fitlife #gymlove #cleaneating #newme… and never ever forget #tatertraining, maybe even take a “before” picture (don’t post it yet), you can’t imagine how motivating it is, knowing that others know. You can’t fake fitness.

That way when you go in on Monday, and the regulars are there… you too will be a “regular”.  You just walk in like own the place, and go right to work. THE GYM IS NOT A SOCIAL CLUB FOR THE FIT, THE GYM IS FOR EVERYONE!

I wish you a happy, healthy weekend and encourage you to celebrate your body, by using it!

XOXO & Stay Active- Your Home Fry

Not a DIET, it’s FUEL!


Food is my favorite! So, when Pete was all “Let’s tell people about food and what they should be eating to make their bodies work better”. I was all “Hold on, let me grab a snack”.

I like to think of my body as a machine, not only do I want it to look good, but I want it to feel good, be faster, stronger and happier. By properly fueling my machine, I can achieve all those things.

Seriously though, you will be so happy with the results you’ll see by following these simple and basic guidelines, I know I am. Check out our “Not a Diet, It’s Fuel” page in the link below:





It’s Monday, and YES, we want you to be super excited about it. Monday is not the day to get back to the grindstone. It’s a day to get back to what you love to do, to get back to what makes you awesome!

The word “Mon” means “mine” in French. Make Monday, today, your day; to keep doing what you love, to continue working towards becoming the person whom you want to be, to START living the life you want to live. You don’t need a New Year’s Eve to resolve to change your life for the better….heck, you don’t even need a Monday….all you need is TODAY!!! Excuse my French… But “make it today your a bitch!”

Start, but doing today’s upper body workout in the link below.

From Spud to STUD… watching TV like a BOSS!!!

warning couch

Of course you’re too busy to go to the gym, but you do have time to watch TV? (insert sarcasm) No worries. We understand. Watching whole seasons of Breaking Bad and Walking Dead are important things in our lives too. Here’s the workout for you!!!!

Complete the given number of repetitions for each exercise during each commercial break.

When Pete gave me this workout I was all “Helloooooo, I DVR/Netflix my shows so I don’t have commercial breaks!!!” The Solution- Set a timer to go off every 5 minutes, do the exercises, sip some water and you’re done before the credits roll!!!

Exercises Level 1     Spud Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5  STUD!
Jumping Jacks 15 30 45 60 Full Commercial Break
Couch Dips 10 15 20 25 Full Commercial Break
Body Weight Squats 5 8 12 15 Full Commercial Break
Plank 10 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds 40 seconds Full Commercial Break
Alternating Lunges 10 14 18 22 Full Commercial Break
Pushups 8 12 16 20 Full Commercial Break
Raised Leg Crunches 15 20 25 30 Full Commercial Break
Hip Lifts 12 16 20 25 Full Commercial Break
Russian Twists 10 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds 40 seconds Full Commercial Break


Remember, the zombies get the slow ones first, so hurry up and get fit! …. I’m just sayin’