I’m a Couch Potato

It’s been a lazy day, or I just got home from work/kids soccer practice/running errands and I just want to plop on the couch to “decompress”, eat all the wrong things and NOT workout.  7f65742d7f8f13cd80409e958fd9e2c7

It happens to everyone, but even a short half hour workout will turn your day around, and help you “decompress” much better than 3 DVR episodes. You’d be surprised, that after 15minutes you may feel motivated to put in a little extra effort  (you may even want to do Peter’s Challenges)…. but sometimes you’re just not feeling it. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, to achive your goals. Lets face it , it’s just 30 minutes you can do anything for 30 minutes!!!!!

However, if you must catch up on your favorite  HBO series. Do our “Spud to Stud” at home work (in front of the TV) workout.


That’s multitasking like a BOSS!


Water, it’s a good thing


Drink your water, all day, everyday, about a gallon a day

It’s the easiest, and simplest, weight loss tip. Staying hydrated, will make sure you don’t get dizzy or lightheaded during your workout,  it will curb your appetite, which is good news for me, since I’m one hungry girl. Not to mention it does wonders for your skin.

Summer is almost here, make sure you’re drinking your H2O…. that’s water, not soda, juice nor coffee.

How I Met My Muscles- The Home Fry

My birth name is Veronica Villegas, however I do go by many names, some of which are, Mommy, wifey, boss lady, The Home Fry  and others which  I rather not say, in the efforts to keep this rated PG.  I do hope you have not yet read Peter Midura’s  (The Head Potato) bio… and if you have, I’d  like for you to please lower your standards… go ahead, I’ll wait. My Fitness story is a little different than his.

As early I as I can remember, I’ve always struggled with my weight. I was the girl with “the pretty face” and “the great personality” … and frankly I owned it, that was good enough for me. Until, I could no longer hold back obesity by doing whichever fad-diet was “En Vogue” at the time. I’d lose 10lbs, and as soon as I went off the diet, I’d gain it all back, and more. I was not exercising and was miserable on the crazy diets. By age 18 I weighed 256lbs.

“When did I know I had to change my life?”

I will be brutally honest with you. My turning point was, when I could no longer comfortably watch a, movie in the movie theater. The armrests would dig into my thighs, not to mention my jeans digging into my belly, and to top it off, I couldn’t even hold a squat long enough, to hover and pee in a public restroom…. Yes folks I HAD TO SIT. Ewwwww…. That was it for me.

I started eating clean foods, smaller portions, several times a day, and walking on a treadmill at the local gym 3 times a week. (still no weights, no muscle building). During that time, whenever I’d go on vacation, a wedding or even my menstrual cycle, I’d gain some weight and then I’d have to “Get back on the bandwagon” UGH! (Now, I know it was greatly due the fact that I had very little lean muscle) like this, I lost 50lbs in a matter of 2 years. Struggling to keep the weight off, and in many occasions gaining some of it back, I lived hovering the 200lbs line for about 5 years. Hey, as long as was less than 199.9 lbs I was in my skinny jeans!!!!

During one of those “Back-on-the-bandwagon” times I made the decision to get professional help. I said to myself, “Eh… I’ll get a couple of weight training sessions to help me lose the weight I gained on the cruise” That’s when I started working out with Peter; he had me do all the workouts we post on this website. My body started to change within the first month, and the best news was… I could eat… I had to eat.  I quickly found my strength and lost my insecurities in the free weight area of the gym…. I was free to leave to confines of the cardio machines and walk confidently to the other side of the gym where the big kids play. It took someone else believing in me, pushing me beyond my comfort zone (the treadmill area).

In one year of lifting heavy weights (not heavy for a girl, just HEAVY), I lost and extra 50lbs (that’s 100lbs total weightloss). Of course, I still visit my friend the treadmill during my 20 minutes of cardio.  After all, like our diets, our workouts need to be well balanced as well. I no longer have to “Get back on the bandwagon”. The lean muscle I’ve built, keeps me from gaining weight during a short vacation.

What we have in this site are the tools that Peter gave me, and I have used to save my life…. And let’s be honest it’s also really nice to have a great ass to go with that “great personality”!

That, boys and girls, is how I met my muscles!

It’s NOT effortless

At 211 degrees water is hot, but at 212 degrees, it boils. Just like pushing those extra 3 reps, and running and extra 15 minutes, makes all the a2284df3a7d3c51dd85cb8571bfd73fcdifference.

Just one extra degree of effort is what separates your current body, to the body you wish you had. Just one degree separates a good workout, from and awesome one,… and only one degree separates a couch potato and a FIT COUCH POTATO…. come on, I had to throw that in there.

Push yourself and amaze yourself.